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Safrail Industrial Handrail Brochure 0110

SAFRAIL handrail and ladder systems are produced in a standard safety yellow color. Other colors are available upon request. Strongwell designed this vertical rail system to use less material and, in turn, be more cost effective than conventional horizontal aluminum or fiberglass handrail systems. SAFRAIL round handrail in its standard safety

Handrail and Components Handrail Standards

We offer a comprehensive range of tubular handrail standards in self-colour or galvanised to fit 33.7mm and 48.3mm OD tubes. In addition, we now offer Adjustarail our handrail standard with a pivot point offering an adjustable angle for an instant installation of handrail on slopes, so no more waiting for the fabrication of costly raked standards.

Basic principles of DDA

DDA Standard Recommendations; Vertical height to the top of the upper handrail from pitch line of the surface of a ramp. or flight of steps is between 900mm and 1000mm . Place handrail between 900mm and 1000mm from the pitch line of surface. The clearance between the handrail and any adjacent wall surface is between 60mm and 75mm.

Handrail and Components Handrail Standards

Handrail and Components Handrail Standards. Registered office: 24-36 Lamson Road, Ferry Lane North, Rainham, Essex, RM13 9YY - Registered in England No: - VAT No: GB0.

STANCHIONS first timest 1

Railing Drill holes for standard stanchion are as follows. Handrail: 32nb pipe 42.4mm O.D. Kneerail: 25nb pipe 33.7mm O.D. Kickplate mounting bracket Manufactured form 40x40x5 Angle 85mm long, with 2 slots 14mm x 21mm long to suit 100mm . kickplate. Hole size 17.5mm typical.

BS 5395-3:1985

It covers all of the factors to be considered by the designer when assessing the type of access or means of escape to be provided. Recommendations for clear width, pitch, rise, accuracy, exposure, treads, strings, landings and handrails are also given. History and related standard. This British Standard includes the following cross references:

Industrial Handrails Balustrades Steelway Steelway

Steel Handrail Standards. Steelway tubular and solid ball type standards are made in varying heights to suit single, double and multi-line handrails. Balls are drilled to suit handrails or can be fitted with eyes for chains. Grub screws are a standard fitment in balls to secure handrails and avoid movement.


stairs and assembly stairs, the rise should be much smaller than 220mm see Table 2 . Relation between rise and going. It is generally accepted that the length for most persons, at speed normally experienced when. moving on stair is between 550 mm and 700 mm.

Meeting Safety Standards

All rails are the same tube size as uprights but in BS EN 10255 medium grade tube where tube is to be used to form ground sockets: Tube size 6 fits inside tube size 7 medium grade only Tube size 8 fits inside tube size 9 all grades. Based upon rail diameter being the same size and grades as the upright.


Handrail Standard Handrail Horizontal Design Load 0.22 kN/m 0.36 kN/m 0.50 kN/m 0.74 kN/m 1.00 kN/m Tubular 33.7 mm o.d. x 3.0 mm 33.7 mm o.d. 1650 mm 1075 mm 750 mm - - 42.4 mm o.d. x 3.0 mm 33.7 mm o.d. 2000 mm 1850 mm 1450 mm 1050 mm - 42.4 mm o.d.

Specifications Wrought Iron Gates

We manufacture all our wrought iron style gates to order using 12mm solid vertical steel bars spaced at 100mm 4 as standard. The framework will be made to suit the size of the gate you specify in your order. All gate sizes quoted are gap sizes not the actual size of the gate s .

Railing and Balustrade Types, Usages and Legal Requirements

The information below is taken from two British standards; BS6180:2011 "Barriers in and about buildings - Code of practice" which relates to the code of practice for balustrades in buildings and BS6399-1:1996 "Loadings for buildings - Part1: Code of practice for dead and imposed loads" which specifies the information on loadings.


Handrail dimensions USA Current versions of these codes and standards now agree that handrail is defined as either a circular cross section with an outside diameter of 1¼" 32 mm minimum and 2" 51 mm maximum or a non-circular cross section with a perimeter dimension of 4" 100 mm minimum and 6¼"


Handrails. The top of the handrail should be positioned between 900mm and 1000mm above the pitch line or floor. Handrails should give firm support and allow a firm grip. Stairs should have a handrail on at least one side if they are less than 1000mm wide. Above this width handrails should be provided on both sides.

Dimensions and Specifications

The height of a deck railing is usually between 30 and 40 inches, but again this can be subject to various restrictions. Here are some typical specs for deck railings so you know what to expect. Be sure to verify with the building codes in your area: railing height: 36 to 42


British Standard and British Standard Code of Practice are harmonized to European Normal EN series. Handrail height is set between 0.9 and 1 metre. Further details may be found on the UK government website. not in citation given


Handrails for stairs 23 Guarding of stairs 27 Access for maintenance 27 Consultation British Standards 66 For compliance 66 For further reading 66 contents Consultation Steps and stairs key dimensions 25 13. Handrail design 26 14. Relationship of ramp gradient to the going of a flight 28 15. Ramp design 29

Stairs Regulations on UK Stairs

Stairs UK is a Stairplan website as the UK's leading manufacturer of wooden stairs please find details on the stairs and stair parts we offer including strht and winder flights and quarter or half landings. Appendix A of this standard also details the recommendations for the site fixing of stairs. Height of handrails Approved

Technical Booklet H 2006

In any case, the maximum protrusion of a handrail into the surface width of a flight shall be 110 mm. A flight of steps which has a surface width wider than 1800 mm, shall be divided into flights which are not wider than 1800 mm. The minimum surface width of 1200 mm then applies to each flight see Diagram 2.8 .


11. Suitable handrails for common stairs in blocks of flats 24 12. Steps and stairs key dimensions 25 13. Handrail design 26 14. Relationship of ramp gradient to the going of a flight 28 15. Ramp design 29 16. Guarding design 35 17. Typical locations for guarding 36 18. Barrier siting 39 19. Barrier design 40 20. Loading bay 40 21.

Bridge Standards English

Off-System 24-Ft Rdwy Bridge Standards Available for download Prestressed I-Girder standards are available for structures with Type Tx28 thru Tx62 girders. These are included in our issued set of Prestressed Concrete I-Girder standards.See MISCELLANEOUS STANDARDS section in the list for all additional standard dings required.

Handrail Standards

SOLID WELDED STANDARDS. Manufactured from 32mm diameter and 38 mm solid bar. Ball sizes differ to suit the hand railing passing through. 60 mm diameter balls to suit 33.7 mm diameter handrailing. 70 mm diameter balls to suit 33.7 mm and 42.4 mm diameter handrailing.

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