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Cool Earth Solar: Solar farms on the cheap

Cool Earth Solar, a company now raising an initial round of outside funding, is looking to prototype a plastic balloon capable of generating electricity in solar farms.

Monsoon Vulkano Flow review: Monsoon Vulkano Flow

Design and features The Flow itself is 16 inches wide by 5 inches deep by 1 inch high and will take up a decent amount of room in a home theater setup. It's lightweight and plastic, and can feel

JVC QP-F70AL Home theatre system

Design JVC's home-theatre-in-a-box system packs in a raft of features and equipment that justify its place at the higher end of the price range.

Boston Acoustics Horizon i-DS2 review: Boston Acoustics

We were happy to see that the body of the i-DS2 is composed of polished heavy-duty plastic, a welcome departure from some other iPod speakers we've seen.

Kodak EasyShare Z950 Black review: Kodak

The design and controls for the Z950 are very similar to the less expensive Z915, but more polished. It comes in black only with a body made of a mix of metal and plastic as well as a dark gray

Misfit Shine review: Fitness tracker as futuristic jewelry

The Good The Misfit Shine fitness tracker has a sharp design, is compatible with a variety of wearable accessories, and lasts four months on a single battery; it's also waterproof and can be used

Top Polywood Round 36" Dining Table Finish: Hunter Green

CB2. Simple elegance Inspired by midcentury design this minimal round table surprises with a few design upgrades Brass brackets and feet caps juxtapose a whitewashed wood top for a polished

Pantech Swift

Design We happen to love the Swift's whimsical design, despite the fact that it's short 4.3 inches tall and 2.2 inches wide , thick 0.58 inch , and heavy 6.3 ounces .

Royal couple enters married life on world stage

New service sells brand-name products without plastic containers The Environmental Protection Agency says only about 9 percent of the plastic created in the U.S. is recycled 11H ago

Apple iPod video review: Apple iPod video

The 30GB body, which measures 4.1 by 2.4 by 0.4 inches and weighs only 4.8 ounces, is baby-soft to the touch, and while design elements such as the Click Wheel and a polished silver backside are

Olympus SZ-14 review: Olympus SZ-14

Exterior casings are all plastic, which ensure that it doesn't outstay its 216g welcome. However, it doesn't feel as finished or polished as some of the other Olympus compacts.

Read User Reviews and Submit your own for Crysis on PC

Interesting mid game level design. Horrible AI, and I can't say this enough. Choppers that can follow you even when you are in stealth mode, but they don't shoot at you until you lose stealth.

12 crazy coffee tables to enliven your living room

In 2012, Reform Designs took some old Mac desktops and recycled them into coffee tables. The tables include some extra design features, like large industrial-looking coils between the computers

Got wood? The best of wooden tech

Wooden mouse. If it's just a mouse you're after, these mice by Russian AlestRukov are designed to cut down on plastics and non-biodegradable waste, as well as extend the lifetime of the mouse.

Beautiful homes for bookworms

Australian architects and eco-designers in Melbourne came up with a way to transform recycled wood into hip and functional room dividers that provide homeowners with stylish and easy access to

Richard F. Gordon Jr.

A look back at the esteemed personalities who left us this year, who'd touched us with their innovation, creativity and humanity. By CBSNews.com senior producer David Morgan.

OnePlus X unlocked review: Beautiful and cheap, with a

The phone comes in two design variants: Onyx, which has a glass display that smoothly curves down the edges of the phone, and the more expensive Ceramic, which has angled edges. The two versions

Commentary: Who won the vice presidential debate

Lets get the easy, obvious point out of the way first: Mike Pence won that debate, and won it handily. Does it matter? Well, Ill get to how it might in a moment.

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