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Assassin's Creed Rogue FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 3

Follow him up the road and when you see the first group of guards blocking the path, climb the crates to the left to avoid them and access a path leading across several support beams, up a tree and onto the rooftop of a building. Here, youll find a rope that we can use to swing over to the path ahead and if you time it right, you can swing and as the messenger runs beneath you, you can

Legacy of Kain: Defiance Plot Guide for PlayStation 2 by

The FMV clearly shows that room has a roof. 50. There is a building in Avernus with the sign 'McCulloch's Tavern'. This is most likely a reference to Kenneth McCulloch, a Silicon Knights employee who was an artist, designer and writer on this game. 51. Despite Kain claiming the Iron Armour resists fire, he is still damaged by standing within fire whilst wearing it. 52. In a nice attention to

Resident Evil 5 Treasure Guide for Xbox 360 by

Climb up the first two piles, but instead of climbing to train roof, turn around to the north and you'll be able to grab a Beetle off the side of the wood. - Chapter 2-2: From the last Beetle, jump down off the planks and head east. Turn south when you are able to reach the dead end. Search the right western corner of the dead end for another Beetle. - Chapter 3-1: In the final area of the

Rise of the Tomb Raider FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox One by

Much of the cover here goes bust with a few hits of any weapon, so use the support pillars for best measure. Try to save a grenade arrow for last, as the battle ends with two armored types -- an explosive can take both out in one go. In the long cutscene that follows, Lara learns the Atlas' location and gets a parting gift from Sofia: the wire spool. This tool's purpose is twofold: players

Final Fantasy VI FAQ/Walkthrough for iOS iPhone/iPad by

Magitek attacks, being MAGICAL BEAMS and all, won't suffer from the 50 % damage reduction, but you'll be reaping the benefits soon enough. From the reduced damage you'll be taking, that is. To learn about Magitek attacks: MAGITEK-LINK Monster formations: Silver Lobo Silver Lobo, Silver Lobo Guard, Guard Silver Lobo, Guard, Guard forced Pincer attack Megalodoth, Megalodoth, Guard, Guard

Little King's Story FAQ/Strategy Guide for Wii by kylohk

Blue roof house Region: Castle Town Cost: Bol A banging house with a blue roof. You will gain 2 citizens St roof house Region: Castle Town Cost: Bol A bombdigity house with a st roof. You will gain 2 citizens *****END LIST***** Your first priority is to buy the guard badges and build the carpenter hut and the red roof house. Head out of the castle to find some monk

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