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how long does it take to get to 315 bench press natty

It took me a little over a year to bench 300. Been lifting for 4 years now and just got 375 the other day. So there's really no way to know when you'll get it because of plateaus.

How I Benched 400 T Nation

The fact is I've been waiting a very long time to write it. On October 21, 2012, I bench pressed 182.5 kg 402 pounds for the first time in my life either in the gym or in a competition at a competition in Las Vegas, Nevada. Before I continue, let me be very clear that as a powerlifter, a 400-pound bench isn't one for the record books.

How long to 100kg bench? Muscle and Strength Forums

Been training for about 6 months now and until recently my strength was increasing by the week. Now those newbie gains are wearing thin and progression every session isn't quite so easy. My max bench atm is somewhere around the 80kg mark, realistically how long can I expect it to take me to get it up to 100kg? Not cutting or in any cal deficit Any input appreciated.

Is a 300-Pound Bench Rare? T Nation

Generally, about 1 out of every 8-10 males attending the school will be able to bench 300 or more by the time they graduate. Of course, the people attending a personal training school are more fit than the normal population, but it just isn't that rare. This information comes from a decent sample size about 350 males over the years .

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What does it mean when someone say they bench 200 pounds

I think if you are talking about a lift that happened a significant time ago it should be qualified, like "the most I ever benched was 350", rather than saying my 1RM is 350.

Can someone bench press 405 naturally? - Quora

This is not to say anyone could bench press 405. A 100 lb. male will 99.9999% not be able to bench 405 Over 4x bodyweight bench press? . Even a 200 lb male will have a difficult time benching 405 Over 2x bodyweight Bench Press , but it is without a doubt possible. Just believe in your ability to reach these weights. That is the hardest part.

How Long to Bench 400? - Powerlifting - Forums - T Nation

Ill throw my story in there. My first bench max was about 215. I had 315 within a year. I believe I did a reverse grip bench with 355 and hit a cambered bar incline of 350 at about the 5 year mark. I never did flat benches with any real interest until recently, but once I focused on the lift I got 405 the first time I tried it.

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Bench press paused to 350, 350x3, and 350x8 Slingshot

Bench press paused to 350, 350x3, and 350x8 Slingshot Last heavy bench day before push pull meet 12-20-14 in Barron WI. How Long Does It Take To Build Muscle? - Duration: 13:12.

Training to Bench 225 Michael Boyle's Strengthcoach.com Blog

Training to Bench 225. I can say one thing with confidence about training an athlete to bench 225 for reps. I have seen athletes that can bench press 400 lbs do 225 for 20 reps and I have seen athletes who can bench press 350 pounds do the same number of reps. The key point, if you want to get better at reps, do reps.

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4 Strategies for a Bigger Bench Arnold Schwarzenegger

4 Strategies for a Bigger Bench. By Tim Henriques. You want a bigger bench, I want a bigger a bench, everybody wants a bigger bench. I have found once you are using about 350 lbs on negatives you may want to move to 3 spotters to make it easier to lift up. NPTI is a 600 hour, 6-12 month long school for people who wish to become

6 Steps To A 405 Pound Bench Press Muscle and Strength

i have bench pressed as much as 450 lbs in my 20s but at a body weight of 240lbs. I'm now 52 and trying for a 405lb bench press at 200lbs. I'm stuck in the 375-385 range.I have found that lower volume with heavier weight and more rest days are best for me.After training off and on for years with no real structure this article hits on all the points I am just learning.It took 30 years to

405 lb bench press - How to reach 405 lbs on the bench

A classic bench press pyramid routine after warm-up may look something like this: 225 x 10, 245 x 8, 265 x 6, 285 x 4 Many bench pressers who use this type of routine also include one or more burn-out or burn-down sets after completion of a warm-up and pyramid routine.

How long does it take to bench 225 ? Is it impressive

How long does it take to bench 315 or 405? This is a harder question to answer. One reason being a lot of people never bench 315 pounds even after many, many years of training. There are a few reasons for that: It takes more than 2-3 years of focused training in most cases;

How long should it take to increase my bench press

I do rippetoes and in the beginning I used to bench 75 srs . Now I can bench 125 max at the weight of 135. 3 reps of 115 10 reps of 95 How long will it take to increase my max from 125-150? I have been working out for about 6 months and only increased my bodyweight by 10 pounds.

How to Add 55 Pounds to Your Bench Press - Fitstep.com

How to Add 55 Pounds to Your Bench Press. going from a max of 295 lbs to a max of 350 lbs which is the most I've ever done in a period of 6 weeks. This is a very powerful collection of bench press programs and well worth the price so if you want a bigger bench

How Long to Bench 400? - Powerlifting - Forums - T Nation

My buddy just started hitting the gym hard over the last several months. He's one of those guys I've read about that have little-to-no experience, but are just naturally strong. Well, it wasn't long before he got all of his noob-gains out of the way and he hit the 275 bench wall. He got up 280 for 3 last night. Anyway, I think he might be getting a little frustrated because he's not seeing the

How To Bench Press 400 In 12 Months - Bodybuilding.com

Below is a suggested cycle routine to bench press over 400 pounds in 12 months - without the use of drugs. A prerequisite to using this routine is a bench press of at least 285 pounds for 3 repetitions or over 300 pounds for a single RM.

What I learned on the way to benching 350 pounds

What I learned on the way to benching 350 pounds Continuing the series that, at this rate, is set to finish up in about 15 years, here is the third installment, and currently the first of three installments about the bench press.

How long will it take to increase my bench press for 150

How long will it take to increase my bench press for 150 to 350? can. It would take about 3 years I think. You need to be disciplined. I schedule weight lifting into my calender. I bench only on Mondays and Thursdays. Thursday is a real light routine. I do 9 sets of 3 reps at 55% of my max. a very long time. 10 months as the shortest

If you can, how long did it take you to bench 405 4 plates ?

I can answer this question almost exactly. My dad benched 400 in 1989 at a body weight of 238 height 6f1 when he was 30 years old drug free. He also said it felt easy so he tried 405 on the next set but was too gassed from the previous set. His

1 Powerlifting Tip To Save Your Shoulders and Increase Your

1 Powerlifting Tip To Save Your Shoulders and Increase Your Bench Press Article By Mike Westerdal: Almost everyone you talk to says they want to increase their bench press, but unfortunately some guys skip the exercise.The number one excuse I get, "I can't bench press because my shoulders hurt."

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