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The Lab ModuleBasis for Laboratory Design - wbdg.org

A building with 30,000 gross square feet for a single floor plate can fit one more lab module across the depth of the building if 10'8" modules are used instead of 11'. The additional module depth equates to over 150 linear feet of additional bench space, which could accommodate many research teams.

Laboratory Countertops and Bench Tops - Laboratory Furniture

Laboratory Countertops and Bench Tops PSA Delivers Durable and Cost Efficient Lab Materials. The counters in your laboratory need to be customized for you workload. Dealing with caustic chemicals? Sterile environments? Whatever your lab requires, PSA Laboratory Furniture has the right countertop materials to suit your needs.

Laboratory Work Bench Fixed Height Lab Design Sink

LabDesign's sink bench is a single order configuration, ready to have moved into your lab and hooked up to your plumbing lines. The bench comes with the sink module which includes an epoxy sink 18"x15"x11" , the strainer, and a hot and cold gooseneck faucet.

What are the standard dimensions for a laboratory bench? How deep/wide should the bench top be? What height should it be - JustAnswer

If it will be heavy work, the bench top should be 4" to 6" below elbow height approx. 28" to 35" above the floor. Standard off the shelf bench tops come in standard depth sizes of 24", 30" and 36". Lengths are typically 48", 60" and 72" however, any size an be customer ordered.

LBNL Design Guidelines for Laboratory Furniture 3/30/15

LBNL Design Guidelines for Laboratory Furniture 3/30/15 These guidelines apply to laboratory casework bench tops, shelves and under counter storage , computer carrels, and stools. Furniture Design Principles Proper laboratory and work bench design requires consideration of the ergonomic impact on the worker.

Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Office SAFETY DESIGN STANDARD SDS03 v.01 2012 - kcl.ac.uk

As a minimum there must be a 1200 mm passageway between benches, or 1700 mm passageway between back-to-back working benches. Work surface area for each worker must be more than 1200 mm across recommended to be at least 1500 mm and 600 mm deep, excluding bench space for laboratory equipment.

Standard Specifications of School Furniture - ERRA

Dimension Bench =height 17 432mm , Length 48 1220mm , Depth 12 305mm Bench Back height = 29 737mm Gape between Desk and Bench = 12 305mm Desk Bench Metal Structure Desk and Bench outer structure made of MS Mild steel/cold rolled IIL Karachi 38x20mm, wall thickness of the pipe 1.2mm 18 gauge . Desk top rails, foot rest and

Laboratory Benches with Sink, Skirting and Shelf Camlab UK

A range of laboratory benches with skirting and shelf,in modular form, supplied as kits. It is

Lab Bench with Adjustable Frame Supports 1,000 Pounds

A typical bench system on the right uses corner connectors and return fames as leg supports. This puts gaps between surfaces and accessories. It creates panel creep which makes the entire unit almost eight inches longer. The Symbiote lab bench left uses C Legs.


7. Laboratory sinks shall have lips that protect sink drains from spills. P.A. Ordinance. 16.09.032 b 13 Sink lips or berms should be >= 0.25 inches and designed to completely separate the lab bench or fume hood work area from the sink drain. Chemical/Waste Storage 8. Chemical storage shelves shall not be placed above laboratory sinks.

Research Laboratory WBDG - Whole Building Design Guide

A common laboratory module has a width of approximately 10 ft. 6 in. but will vary in depth from 20 30 ft. The depth is based on the size necessary for the lab and the cost-effectiveness of the structural system. The 10 ft. 6 in. dimension is based on two rows of casework and equipment each row 2 ft. 6 in. deep on each wall, a 5 ft. aisle

Typical Bench Setup - advancelabglobal.com

Typical Bench Setup 4 Sliding Knee Space 5 Powder Coating 6 Laboratory Furniture Typical Bench Setup 750 100 900 Wall Bench Module Island Bench Module 1500 1900 900 500 300. Sliding Knee Space Depth mm Length mm 730/880 450 450/600/900 Underbench Units L450mm Der Pedestal 4 Tier

Laboratory Benches, Metal Tables, Workbenches and Workstations - RDM - rdm-ind.com

Efficient and Durable Laboratory Tables and Workbenches for Heavy Duty Use. RDM offers an impressive inventory of lab tables that bring the utmost benefits for users. Each lab table that we manufacture has undergone rigid manufacturing procedures, in order to ensure that they deliver on what our clients need.Combine that with our 37 years experience in the fieldplus our dedication to

Laboratory Fume Hoods - Protector Premier, XStream, XL

Labconco's Laboratory Chemical Fume Hoods and Enclosures are offered in Protector Premier, XStream, XL, ClassMate, Stainless Steel, Fiberglass, PVC, benchtop and floor-mount laboratory fume hood.

What Size Is a Standard Work Bench? Reference.com

What Size Is a Standard Work Bench? A standard workbench is about 60 inches long, 30 inches deep and 30 to 34 inches tall. These dimensions typically are considered the minimum acceptable dimensions for a workbench. Most basic, commercially available workbenches feature these or similar dimensions. standard workbench height and depth best

Amazon.com: Lab Benches - Lab Furniture: Industrial

Bench Pro RE3696 Benchpro Workbench Gray Frame with Formica Plastic White Laminate - Square Cut Edge Top, 1200 Lbs Capacity, 96" Length x 36" Depth x 30-36" Height, 30" Height, 96" Wide, 36" Length, Cubic Feet

ErgoStat Electric Height Adjustable Lab Bench Holds 750

Heavy Duty, Adjustable Height Bench. ErgoStat is our most requested bench to support heavy lab equipment. It has the option of an electric or pin-adjustable base on casters or glides. Need something less robust? Look at the ErgoStat Pro electric bench. Sit or Stand: Riser Frame Gives You Control

Wet Lab - Lab Design - Lab Bench Formaspace

clients rely on formaspace to provide durable, task-specific laboratory furniture solutions to meet a variety of research and testing needs. in addition to providing standard products, formaspace is the worlds largest manufacturer of custom laboratory furniture solutions.


Lab benches come in three standard depths of 24, 30, and 36, and five standard lengths of 40, 48, 60, 72, and 80. Casters may be installed to provide mobility for reconfiguration, cleaning, or repositioning.

Laboratory Ergonomic Design Guidelines

Sitting-height lab benches: Provide adjustable height top with a range of 22 32. If top must be fixed, set height at 28- 1/2. Provide knee space with minimum 30 wide clearance. Avoid pencil ders or aprons at knee spaces, as these interfere with legroom.


VWR TP 4-LEGGED LAB BENCHES The classically designed VWR basic 4-legged workbench is the ideal basic bench, the simplest and the most cost-effective option in our range of workbenches. VWR basic 4-legged workbenches are standard benches that are suitable for a broad range of tasks and environments when fitted

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