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Chapter 3, General Requirements Section 306, Handrails and Guardrails SECTION 306 HANDRAILS AND GUARDRAILS 306.1 General. Every exteriorand interior flight of stairs having more than four risers shall have a handrail on one side of the stair and every open portion of a stair, landing, balcony, porch, deck, ramp or other walking surface which is

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How many steps require handrail? handrails are required on both sides of a stair, except for in individual dwelling units, stairways less than 44" wide and stairs having less than four risers

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A "stair" is "one or more risers". Okay, so to ask your question properly it would ask "How many risers are allowed before a handrail is required?" From the 2006 IRC. - R311.5.6 Handrails. Handrails shall be provided on at least one side of each continuous run of treads or flight with four or more risers. From the 2006 IBC. - STAIR.

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A stair with a single riser or with two risers and a tread is permitted at locations not required to be accessible by Chapter 11, provided that the risers and treads comply with Section 1009.4, the minimum depth of the tread is 13 inches 330 mm and at least one handrail complying with Section 1012 is provided within 30 inches 762 mm of the

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Figure 1 Three or more risers - handrail is required. NB. A landing in all cases = minimum 900mm going. The handrails should be between 850mm and 1000mm above the pitch line and extend minimum 300 mm beyond top and bottom nosings. Figure 2 Three or more risers plus landings - handrails are required at steps.

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The hand railing needs to be installed at a uniform distance, measured from the nosing of the tread, not less than 34 inches and not more than 38 inches. Residential stair requires at least a handrail on one side of stair. If the railing continues, past the top of the stair, onto a balcony, the railing height required there, is 36 inches minimum.

Handrail required for single step between exit egress and

Based on this distinction, handrail requirement in the CBC that is specifically for "stairs" plural does not trigger a handrail requirement for "stair" one riser only . Looking at the CBC 11: 11B-505.1 and 505.2 talks about handrails being required at "stairs" plural . Therefore CBC 11B-505 does not trigger handrails at a "stair" single

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