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Best Movies for 2011

An epic 12-year journey into in the world of an Irish Traveller community, Knuckle takes us inside their brutal, secretive and exhilarating bare-knuckle fighting lives.

Grand Theft Auto IV FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox 360 by Simon

The plan is to lure him to bring you to his pals. So go up to the burger shot with the police car and park in the arrow. Bucky will show up and drive away. He will take the scenic route. Just follow him slowly, concentrate on driving, don't shoot. You will end up in front of a house, a bit to the west of the burger shot. Get out and kill Bucky and his friend on the porch. Now there are four

Grand Theft Auto IV

>>Sniper Rifle ***** Appears after: Luck of the Irish. Cost: $6,000. Based on: M40A1. Clip: 5 rounds $800 . ----- Notes: This is a standard sniper rifle that has to be reloaded with each shot. To properly use this weapon, hold down Target to bring up the sniper scope. Then use the Left Analog Stick to zoom in and out. When you have the victim properly targeted then press the Fire Weapon

1,985 Miles of Food, Wine, and Beer Oregon Road Trip

1,985 Miles - Food - The Coast These are the places we ate while on the California and Oregon Coasts. For the breweries, I'll briefly summarize our beer notes; see the upcoming Beer post for detailed notes of everything we tried.

Your mom's weird cooking and other stories? recipes

Read page 5 of the Your mom's weird cooking and other stories? recipes encouraged discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking food community. Join the discussion today.

Deus Ex FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Djibriel

There's all kinds of game plans, but they boil down to two choices. One, you can find the UNATCO informant who can get you in. Two, you can find a way to sneak around the back. Both paths get you Skill Points, so I'll take you through both. I'll take you to find the informant first, then show you to the back entrance. So first, let's make for the North Docks. Check the map Paul gave you for

Top sand fence deals at mySimon Compare prices

Classic Accessories. The Classic Accessories Terrazzo Patio L Shape Sectional Lounge Cover Set offers high end style in medium weight protection designed to keep your patio furniture looking its best year round Tough

Commandos 3: Destination Berlin

Clearly we can't attack the convoy from the air so we have had to come up with an audacious plan. Your mission will be to get some men into the station and onto the train undetected, ready to take control once it leaves the station. You will join up with the resistance a few miles further on to transfer the cargo to a collection point on the beach. \\\\\ 6a. Infiltrate the Station----- 6A

Grand Theft Auto IV

East of Outlook Park there is a circle road, and east of this road is a "T" shaped driveway a block over. Go up this "T", go right, and in the doorway of the building is a free armor. You can always tag this location, get in a taxi, and go there for like $32 or less whenever you need armor. For more, refer to this section: Weapons and Armor GUN7700 . ***** * 4. Walkthrough FAQ4444

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox

He pulls out a large section of the control panel, and looks rather dejected as Susarro`s plans begin to take shape. George and Nico enter, the entrance sealing behind them, and have a discussion about their seemingly missing flashlight. More lovely references to Syria, and Broken Sword, but before you have time to reminisce, a large guardian creature, Anubis, appears. He gives you some spiel


L.A. firm Milburn, Tate and Crandell has been making noise about expanding into the Midwest. When partner Burl Preston was in Chicago this week, Hayden floated the idea of acquiring LG. My sources say word of Hayden's offer quickly got back to Lockhart and Gardner, who are already chafing under the control of a trustee, and sparks flew.

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Nearly 100 years ago a young Irish priest who believed there were no bad boys built a town that continues to turn around the lives of youngsters in dire straits. Tony Dokoupil reports. Tony

Animal Crossing: New Leaf FAQ for 3DS by Liquefy

Press the "L" and "R" buttons at the same time to take a screen shot/image. Hold the "B," "L," or "R" buttons to make your player run. ***** 9 ICONS ***** Across the top of the touch screen, you will see a row of icons. Not all the icons appear at the start of the game. Here is the list, from left to right: 1 Pockets mochimono You have 16 spots in your inventory. 2 Designs mai desain

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