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Thimbleweed Park FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by chibischala

Go out of her room, head down the stairs, and go out the front doors on the left side of the entryway. Head south toward the mailbox just outside the gates. You'll get a short scene with George the mailman and you'll receive the COMPUTER MAGAZINE. OPEN, USE or LOOK AT the magazine, read through it, then exit the screen when you've had enough. Looks like you need to help Delores apply for the

Dreamfall Chapters Walkthrough for PC by umeshu

Some of the Header names are odd, but they all have to be unique, so hopefully nothing is too confusing. I put wayyyy more time into this than I should've, because I'm neurotic and hate myself. You're welcome.

Planescape: Torment FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by DSimpson

If you claim to be Adahn in conversation about 10 or 11 times unique times, you can't just keep saying it to one person , then in the Smoldering Corpse Bar, Adahn WILL appear He's nothing more than a figment of your imagination given reality based on nothing more than you claiming to be 'Adahn'. Weird. The best place to try this is in the Mortuary. Each of the generic Dustmen will ask why

Assassin's Creed II FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 3 by

As you make your over to the second, look for the foyer below the roof to find a red chest for some florins. Gather all three and return to the door to the Auditore home to finish this. Rewards: o Feather Locations unlocked Special Delivery ----- Three markers. Go to each one and you'll deliver some letters or get one from the pigeon coop. Pretty strhtforward stuff here. Return to the house

2019 NCAA Tournament: Ja Morant was like a comet reminding

Off The Bench with Kanell and Bell Morant the player is unique but Morant the story is repeatable. "This has been a special year, not only on the court but off the court, for our program

Shadowrun FAQ/Walkthrough for Super Nintendo by Admiral

You will also see numerous pedestrians and businessmen walking around the town square and sitting on the benches. None of these people are of any use and most are quite nasty. If you are frustrated, feel free to unload and kill them all. These NPCs non-playable characters can be killed without any penalty. Head towards the SE side of the screen and follow the street to the next screen. Enter

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by

The DLC's new unique items have a special bit of dialogue "I only found this one unique item onboard " and won't be mixed in with the normal fare. After Zef returns from his salvage run, save before talking to him. If he doesn't give good items, simply reload and try again until he does. This method will work 100% of the time, unless Zef was originally going to say he stashed his loot

LEGO The Hobbit FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 3 by

An Unexpected Party = ===== At Your Service - Treasure 1 - Pumpkin Crown Flail Go to the back of the entryway near the mithril lock and smash some boxes to find pieces for a gold hook. Assemble it, then pull it down. Minikit 1 - Find three maps. One is next to the fireplace, the second is in the kitchen to the left, and the third is in the back of the pantry. Minikit 2 - Flail In the

Second Industrial Revolution- Chapter One: Catharsis

She noted with some minor irritation that an additional pair of men had chosen to seat themselves at the benches, though they had fortunately had the intelligence to steer clear of her. She could spare the two who had chosen to sit in the same box, they had sat reasonably far away and weren't worth any more of her time than most people.

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