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Understanding the Java security model

The Java security model, introduced in Java 2, is the basis of highly secured and distributed enterprise Java applications. Peter Mikhalenko explores the architecture of this model.

Climb on board Boeing's new 737 Max 9

The Max 9's nose points toward a few business jets parked across the airfield. It was a hot day in Paris, but that didn't stop the crowds from viewing the aircraft on display.

New Theory On Origin Of Life

A new theory on the origin of life on Earth is giving scientists some reason to rethink Charles Darwin's theory of our beginnings in a primordial soup. As reported in the British science journal

Colorado STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting: Suspects

A public defender assigned to McKinney says his client goes by Alec and uses male pronouns. McKinney is being held on suspicion of murder and attempted murder.

New Virus Not So "Funny"

A new computer virus appears to be a plain-text file, but isn't as funny as it claims to be. Experts say the virus, called "Stages," shut down e-mail systems at four Fortune 100 companies. Clif

Why Copenhagen May Be A Disaster

Bill McKibben is a scholar in residence at Middlebury College. His The End of Nature, published in 1989, is regarded as the first book for a general audience on global warming. He is a founder of

The Unlikely Antivaccine Alliance

Human papillomavirus is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the world, and most women have had it 80 percent of U.S. women, by the CDC's estimates.

LinkedIn goes public: What does this mean for IPOs?

Lewis Howes, the author of two LinkedIn business books and the creator of the LinkedIn training course, answers your questions about LinkedIn going public

Telecom Takeover

The FCC said it had concluded that the merger was in the public interest. "U.S. consumers will benefit from the effects of the proposed merger, which will include the build-out and extension of

Blame Owners For The Lockout

These days, Kevin Garnett has turned into the scapegoat. This is a 22-year-old who never went to college. He was given a six-year, $126 million guaranteed extension prior to last season and has

Democratic presidential candidates stay vague on

San Francisco has become the first U.S. city to ban the use of facial recognition software for police and other public agencies. The Washington Post's national technology reporter Drew Harwell

14 Google Maps tips and tricks

If you use Google Maps on your phone, a lot has changed recently -- especially so over the last few weeks. There are lots of new features that are easy to miss and make navigating a lot more

To 'Hellboy' And Back

This article from The Weekly Standard was written by Jonathan V. Last. Sometimes, the safe choice is the risky choice. Hollywood has learned that, for the time being at least, comic-book movies

Doris Day

The film was a critical and commercial hit, given a 20-minute standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival, and praised as a groundbreaking extension of rap to the big screen, as well as a

Study: U.S. Unprepared For Public Disaster

A new study indicates that five years after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, public health emergency preparedness is still not at an acceptable level in most states. Researchers for Trust

Get ready to start evaluating Chromium-based Edge

The first public builds of the new Edge will only run on 64-bit versions of Windows 10 although they will work on any version of Windows 10, so you don't need a recent release or to be on the

CBS News Community Guidelines and FAQ

The CBS News Community was created to facilitate interesting and insightful discussions about people, issues and events in the news. When commenting on our stories, or replying to comments posted

iPhone separation anxiety: Heart beats faster, mind works

Losing an expensive piece of digital equipment loaded with photos, contacts and personal information is stressful, that's for sure. But having yours placed just slightly out of reach shouldn't be

Coral Reefs Face Extinction Within Century

Coral reefs are dying, and scientists and governments around the world are contemplating what will happen if they disappear altogether. The idea positively scares them. Coral reefs are part of the

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