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Case reopened into mysterious deaths of S.C. woman and

Rick Ollic: There were some things that were in that note that made me believe that she was buying into this spiritual warfare that she had going on in her life.

Family Scorned For MySpace Hoax

Through her lawyer, Drew, a mother of two in her 40s, has denied saying hurtful things to the girl over the Internet, and prosecutors have said they found no grounds for charges against the woman.


Lyrics to 'Welcome Home' by Rehab. Welcome home / Where the faucets drip at night / Welcome home / Where the screen door don't hang right / Welcome home / The

Mayor Predicts Thousands Dead

A week after Hurricane Katrina, engineers plugged the levee break that swamped much of the city and floodwaters began to recede, but along with the good news came the mayor's direst prediction yet

Michael Franti

Lyrics to 'Anybody Seen My Mind' by Michael Franti. Everybody wants to be what they want to be / Everybody want to have a good time / I just want to hang out

Kevin Cooper case: Can new DNA tests prove the wrong man

Erin Moriarty: Three people when things went crazy. This is the first day of the preliminary hearing," Paul Ingels explained of a stuffed gorilla hanging in effigy outside the courthouse. KCBS

Johnny Mathis

Hanging out the truck I blow the mausburg off Who the head of your set I blow your boss shirt off I be the top dawg killa, who the bomb don? You're soft like a bon bon, in your Sean John I'm riding dirtay up and down forth, escort I'm in a Ringmaster gold super sport And it's about to rain I see the weather bad Hit the top on up like I better had I cut back to the cut, to get a cut of my cut

Julie Kocurek, Austin, Texas, judge ambushed outside her

But there are a lot of things that makes it more difficult for somebody to find you. You can change your address on your driver's license, on your voter records and use a business

LED buying guide

The actual definition gets a bit complicated, involving things like steradians and candela, but don't worry, because all that you really need to know is that lumens are units of brightness. The

Luke Combs

Lyrics to 'Don't Tempt Me' by Luke Combs. I've been doing my best to make church on Sundays / And ain't been calling in hungover most Mondays / I guess you

The Fitbit Alibi: 21st century technology used to help

And I would be, too. you know, you were accused of murder, and it's so many things goin' through your head. And now, Doug Detrie's testimony is critical to the prosecution.

Watch Still Standing Season 2 Episode 20: Still Hangin

Bill and Judy are jealous when they learn that a neighbor's house is the cool hang-out for teens, so they turn their garage into a fun center to coax the kids over to their home. Ted: Kevin Nealon

Rascal Flatts

Lyrics to 'Fast Cars And Freedom' by Rascal Flatts. Starin' at you takin' off your makeup / Wondering why you even put it on / I know you think you do but baby

Daryle Singletary

Lyrics to 'That's Why I Sing This Way' by Daryle Singletary. My Momma used to tell me, 'Son, you better get your work done / Your Daddy's coming home at five /

Elton John

Lyrics to 'Porch Swing In Tupelo' by Elton John. There's a porch swing in Tupelo / In the shade of the south / Where the sweet honey drips off that old

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