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distance from floor to install handrail

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Behold the majesty of Chris Majestic's midrange home

Pool table and snack bar area in the back of the room. The flag on the wall is the Ghanian flag Chris' wife is from Ghana . The TV is a 55-inch 4K TCL Roku TV.

James Cameron reaches record 7-mile ocean depth

One of the risks of a dive so deep is extreme water pressure. At 6.8 miles below the surface, the pressure is the equivalent of three SUVs sitting on your toe.

Sunset selfie

Dangerous selfies Selfies may be the coolest currency on social media, but the quest for a dramatic photo can also endanger the lives of photographers and the people around them.

A tour of Boeing's 737 factory

Home of the 737. Renton, Wash.--At the south end of Lake Washington, just outside of Seattle, Boeing builds its 737 aircraft, the smallest airliner in its commercial airplane family.

Spacewalkers attach new docking port to station

The IDA installation work took about four hours to complete, giving the spacewalkers time to carry out lower-priority tasks. Rubins routed a cable that will be needed by the second IDA while

Zumwalt-class Navy ship: Next-gen destroyer is a high-tech

The strength of rail guns is in what they don't use: neither explosives nor propellant. Instead the guns rely on electromagnetic forces that can deliver a very high kinetic energy.

Floors That Can Fool You

On the broadcast, he demonstrates the variety of choices in engineered flooring and shows how to install each type. Depending on the size of the room, many people can make it a weekend project.

Amtrak may end service on tracks lacking key safety gear

The rail service is concerned about "Positive Train Control" systems not in place on tracks Amtrak uses but doesn't own

Help Around the House Episodes TV Guide

Hanging Wallpaper, Install a New Toilet, Replace Window Flashing, Pliers. November 1, 2002. Wallpaper is hung in a woman's home; a new toilet is installed in a man's house.

Trump budget plan for 2019 defunds Amtrak's long-distance

Long-distance routes served only about 15 percent of Amtrak's riders last year, but they cover a lot of area, serving half the stations in the railroad's network. In half of the states where

Building the U.S. Army's M1A2 Abrams tank pictures

In order to install the tank's tracks, they are bolted down at one end, and rolled down on the floor. Then the drag line pulls the tank forward until it sits on top of the track.

Sleeper to Seattle: 39 hours on Amtrak's Coast Starlight

Long distance rail travel in the US is never going to compete with the speed of flying, and for me that's not the point. It's travel as an end in itself, a journey through the class and romance of

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