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Perfect Dark FAQ/Walkthrough for Nintendo 64 by Iron

Pick up the ammo of both unknowingly guards you shot and watch out for the patrolling geezer who walks through the stair case section here. Once you're up, open the door and carefully look towards the right. There's a guard on either side of the safe door entry whom can be shot before they have time to react. Walk forward, follow the left passage to find 2 more guards. In the left wall the

Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition Walkthrough for PC by

Wait for the Overseer to come up stairs and listen to his conversation. Bastard. Now go all the way downstairs to the left to the reactor room and talk to Jonas. Dad will enter and give you a BB GUN and BB AMMOx50 . Follow him through the door to the test range. Shoot all 3 targets then shoot and kill the Radroach that enters. Hit R2 to enter V.A.T.S Mode to aim. Stand for the picture to be

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Walkthrough

Head up the stairs and move around to the western door on the upper level of Room 3. You can find Ooccoo in a jar near the door here. Unlock the door to move on to Room 5. You can find Ooccoo in a

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Walkthrough for PC by

Follow the red arrows on the floor around to the right and go through the door, then down the stairs that are in front of you. Shoot the pop-up at the bottom of the stair well and turn left. Throw a flash bang through the door, wait for it to pop, and then go in and shoot the two targets. Go left. Through this door is a target ahead of you and one to the right. Shoot them. Turn left yet again

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas FAQ/Walkthrough for

- Here you will make a series of "stair-step" curves. Cut the curves to save yourself time. When you make the last turn onto the Santa Maria pier, pour on the gas to get to the Bar and Grill. - With practice, you can make really good times on this race. / 7.8 Los Santos Conclusion Path / ----- Well, this is what all your previous missions have been leading up to. Sweet wants to

F.E.A.R. Game Script for PC by ladytanaka

=CP= <as PLAYER exits wood-floored lobby> <in a dark office opposite stairs, a copy machine runs repeatedly with its lid open> <after PLAYER climbs stairs, a 1st wave of flying laser drones burst through the windows of a long narrow gallery and sitting area> <as PLAYER crosses the walkway above wood-floored sitting area, two laser drones burst through windows> <PLAYER passes through canteen

Half-Life Walkthrough for PC by sdunigan

Find the stairs past the big gun, then hop onto the side railing and slowly move up it. When you're to where you can clearly see the head of the marine who's standing in the area past the stairs, get out the .357 and deliver a carefully aimed head shot to kill him instantly. Jump up to get the attention of another nearby marine, then quickly drop down to the bottom of the stairs and wait for

Syberia 3 FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by ralebeau

The new area is the subway entrance to the park, up the stairs is the rubble seen from the other door, down stairs is the subway line. Along the left side is the subway system map view then an interesting porthole similar to one on the left of the stairway as we entered. Further down on the floor past the animal skin and laundry is a shrine then a mushroom farm. Enter the subway car, view the

Dishonored FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Shotgunnova

In the open-windowed hall, there's 15 coins under a hallway table 1958/3794 , some hemlock in the branding room 1978/3794 , and a final pouch in the stair leading to the interrogation room 2003/3794 .

Half-Life FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by antseezee

Leap onto the stairs railing, jump to the nearby box, then make your way to the barrel next to the elevator. Jump out and over the elevator. Go to the upper left corner of the room, and crouch under the laser. Walk up to the control room, and kill the headcrab. Walk over to the button, and look to your left for a tall box. Shoot and destroy the box, THEN hit the button. The elevator will rise

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater FAQ/Walkthrough for

The two guards on the bottom level arent so much of a problem as the one guard that patrols the small platform exactly one stair level below you. Put on good camouflage and move along the top level until youre directly above the guard. Try and see him, if you cant use the D-Microphone to hear his footsteps. When hes facing south, QUICKLY run down one set of stairs and shoot him. It

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