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Samsung UA55C7000 review: Samsung UA55C7000

It's delightfully 60's sci-fi kitsch and helps extricate it from the army of black plastic blobs out there in stand land. But despite its chrome looks it's actually made of plastic hard

Sharp LL-173C-B review: Sharp LL-173C-B

The analog-only Sharp LL-173C-B comes within an office-ready soot-black, matte plastic finish. The design is pedestrian: a thin, three-quarter-inch beveled bezel on three sides widens to 1.75

LG 47LW6500 review: LG 47LW6500

The LG 47LW6500 continues the sleek black look of previous TVs, and features a "borderless design" with a single sheet of glass across the front. The edging has a clear plastic rim, though we're

Samsung LNA550 review: Samsung LNA550

Basic, glossy black defines the LN46A550's look. A relatively thick swath of fingerprint-attracting, black plastic borders the sides and top, while an even thicker black plastic strip is nestled

Ice drifting in Porsche's all-electric Taycan

Here and now, lurking beneath that black plastic wrap, is the production version of the car which will soon enter manufacturing in Stuttgart. Don't be fooled by the fake tail pipes on the back

Best iPhone camera accessories

The black version can be found for around $50 £50 , Made from tough engineering plastic, the Keizus has an adjustable clamp on top that grips your phone while you shoot and, yes, it also

Samsung LND630 series photos

Stand detail. We appreciated the swivel, although we noticed Samsung dropped the glass-topped base of 2010's LNC630 stand to go with glossy black plastic this year.

Amazon Fire TV Recast review: One of the best cord-cutter

It's so indistinct that I only realized I'd placed it upside down when writing this very paragraph -- the top is black plastic with "Amazon" on it, while the bottom is a grippy rubber.

Vizio E series is picture-quality king of the budget TVs

The styling is nothing special, with a sharply bevelled edge made of basic black plastic. A silver strip along the bottom, provides some panache, but the overall look is still pretty generic. I'm

Amazon Echo Wall Clock review: When a clock is just a

The plastic body feels a bit cheap. The Bottom Line For committed Amazon Alexa users who make frequent use of Alexa to set timers, the Echo Wall Clock is a low-risk, almost frustration-free add-on

Konica Minolta Dimage Z5 black review: Konica Minolta

Its plastic-and-metal-bodied miniature-SLR-like form factor is balanced well enough to allow either one- or two-handed shooting; we preferred to support the camera in our left hand and wrap our

18 Apple products that changed the world

At the time of the PowerBook G4's debut, Windows laptops were bulky and made of black or gray plastic. Apple's laptop, however, had a silver titanium body and sharp corners. It was sleek, and

black AT and T review: Nokia 6230

Available in black and silver, the mobile's strht, sensible lines make it blend into the background. If you want to make a call without ding attention, this is the phone for you.

Panasonic TX-P42ST50B review: Panasonic TX-P42ST50B

The buttons are no longer hard black plastic, but are instead made from soft white rubber that allows the new red backlight to shine through. The remote now has a backlight -- a welcome addition.

This 'true' home theater fulfilled a childhood dream for

He says he found some white panel edging with just the right opening for a plastic letter tile. He then painted it black and mounted it. He then painted it black and mounted it. Published: August

12 gorgeous household devices we cant stop staring at

ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide. The ChefSteps Joule is a Wi-Fi appliance designed for at-home sous vide cooking. Check in on the Joule mid-sous-vide in the app -- or with Alexa voice commands.

Samsung PNE6500 review: Samsung PNE6500

The 6-, 7-, and 8-series plasmas all look the same, and as such the 6500 features a brushed black-plastic bezel and a black "octopus" stand the other two have silver stands . The effect is

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