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Composite Cables on Wii-U

I have found my old gamecube which still had its Composite Cables. Will these work on my Wii-U? I dont know if Gamestop will let me buy a Wii's Composite Cables without the Wii system itself.

Samsung UN40EH5000 Component Input Not Working

The Samsung Rep here usually can tell you which site to find support. Since I can't find your manual I can't tell you which menu to change the component to composite in.

When HD isn't HD

Another common way to watch an HD movie is streaming the movie via Netflix or a similar service. This is a highly compressed, and likely a 720p 1,280x720-pixel signal.

PS2 composite cables for PS3

Hey guys I was wondering if the ps2 composite cables will work for the ps3? because I lost my original some how.. I actually tried it but it doesn't work.. so could it be that I need to


Composite Photo can help you create new compositions from individual photos, dings and text.Examples of the ways this app can improve your

How do I plug Gamecube composite into tv's component? And

Sat down to type a response saying "Tried that before, and yes they're in a row, but didn't work." and decided to change the source/input back to cable, and noticed a new input was there, and it works

RCA Cables to be used for Component Video Cables

he uses that for subwoofer, rca, digital coax, AND component cables and they all work great. but i try this in stores and its only worked with a handfull of tv's. so i am unable to give you an answer.

Component video to Yamaha receiver then HDMI to HDTV

1 you can get everything to work, as long as dvd is connected direct to tv. this is what we usually recommend here anyways for best pq. the only time i ever rec running to receiver is to obtain

Component cables aren't working for my ps2 and HDTV

I have a Vizio HDTV, and I bought some component cables for my ps2 slim for it. When I plug the component cables in it shows up nothing, but when I replace the green cable with the yellow one.

Toshiba Colorstream Component Cables Wii??

maybe if you get a HD cord you could probably try that and then it will probably work that what im trying and ill try my best if im right i will get back to you on it. <3 0 - Collapse -

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