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The Sims 2 FAQ/Strategy Guide for PC by JPaterson

Aspiration Points 5,000 Icon Two green smiley faces with the number "2" to the bottom right --==--==-- Have 3 Best Friends ===== Description "You can never have too many Best Friends. Free up enough of your Sim's time to build three Sims' Lifetime Relationships to above 50, and then work to keep them there." Aspiration Points 8,000 Icon Two green smiley faces with the number "3" to the

Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3 FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox 360 by

Stunt Park x04l ----- Drive around and you should see the entrance to the stunt park right by the tunnel that goes to town. Youll see a brief tutorial of how to do all the special moves. If you forget something though, Ive got them in the gold star guide for each specific trick to get those stars. At the fork in the road, we are going to take the right path first. Youll come to a

Yakuza 2 FAQ/Walkthrough for PlayStation 2 by HeeroXXXG

Go to Children's Park and get the key from under the bench. After that, go to the Coin Lockers and open Coin Locker 14. Do not open the box or you will fail this side mission. You'll get an email saying to give the box to a man in a suit in the street behind Shine. Do so and you'll get another email. Go to Mach Bowling and talk to the bearded man. Ask him how many bells he needs and then beat

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Gap Guide for PlayStation 2 by

SANTS BENCH FLIP: Do a fliptrick off one of the benches in the SANTS area--not the normal benches, but one of the weird ones, that look like tables with benches on the side. SANTS BENCHES: This is the normal lookin benches in SANTS. Grind each and every one of them in ONE GRIND. Really pretty easy. Hold grind. SUBWAY MANUAL: manual down the ramp into the subway, and up the other side. Doesn't

Far Cry 4 FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by SENIORBILL

The buzzer at Khilana Bazaar is your best option for getting to the mission site, which is located at map coordinates X: 380 Y: 440. Before departing, gear-up for a mission that will require both stealth and brute force. Take the bow or a silenced firearm for stealth kills and a heavy hitter like a shotgun, automatic rifle or a LMG. Take the grenade launcher in case you need to destroy


A few of the slats making up the blanket appeared stuck together, due to a phenomenon known as "stiction," but flight controllers said it did not appear to be a problem. "We believe we are good to

Lost Dawgs: 20 years after Art Modell's public betrayal

Off The Bench with Kanell and Bell An amusement park bought 32 turnstiles for $350 apiece. A hot dog vendor bid on his old aluminum case. Gary Bauer, who owned The Basement nightclub in The

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

Do your best to keep the arrow in the middle of the meter so you keep your balance. Once you've made it to the star of Tony Alva, press L1 R1 to get off your board and let the combo timer run out. Congratulations, you've added a new trick to your arsenal, the manual. *Hint - If you've failed the mission and are running out of time, hit start and select Retry Mission. If you do it this way you

Angry Birds FAQ/Walkthrough for PSP by BacterX

You've got a big pig sitting on a park bench, with some little ones going down a slide, and playing ball. Welp Time to murder them Shot 1: White Top of the hairs should be even with the top of the brown band. Activate the egg when you're right over the leftmost part of the slide. Should take out all the pigs on the slide Shot 2: White Top of the rightmost hair should be even with the top of

POLYWOOD Outdoor POLYWOOD Nautical Recycled Plastic Park

Dont search for the best sales this Spring. Weve got the best prices for outdoor polywood nautical recycled plastic park bench and other amazing Outdoor Benches deals.

Painkiller: Battle out of Hell FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by

The coins in this level are mostly found in the benches, so shoot them out when you find them. Before you hit the checkpoint go to the left of the area to the inverted v- shaped support holding up the monorail tracks. Quick-jump up this support and onto the top of the big ice-cream cone. At the back of the ice-cream part is a super-health pickup in the first secret area. By the way, you may

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