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Dallas shooting rifle: a "curio or relic," but still

Other accessories, such as railings and flashlights, aren't easy to install but the SKS can easily be modernized with plastic parts and a pistol grip. Police ambushed in Dallas 25 photos

This Old House

We see progress on the house with general contractor Rick Groden: window patch-in, interior plastering and trim. He then meets the man who is patching the exterior stucco.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Enter the the door to the north; at the top of the stairs, go into the east room for Plastic Explosive x2 on the east wall and a chest with Fainting Potion x2 inside. Head back to the large circular room and enter the northern- most east door. Follow the hallway for awhile and blow up either of the east doors. Don't bother blowing up the other door, as they both lead to the same room

SimCity 3000 Text Dump for Macintosh by VinnyVideo

The city must pay money each month, an amount based on population, to equip local merchants with plastic water buckets. Patrons, customers or just passers-by are then able to dump water on anyone caught smoking in a public area. When this ordinance is in effect, the result is an increase in the overall health of city Sims. The Community CPR Training Ordinance establishes a small fleet of

This Old House

The final days in Hawaii. Our host starts the show in Kalapana on the Big Island, where a 1992 lava flow from Kilauea volcano obliterated much of the town and its famous black sand beach.

Off the African coast, a new tool in the fight against

"For the first time, I could see the U.S. railing against the world and to me, it was a really sad, sad affair," Jumbe recalled last month, sitting in his dimly lit wood-paneled office on the

Deus Ex FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Djibriel

Designed by the architectural firm of Gehron and Seltzer, the monument consists of a large, paved plaza punctuated by eight massive 19-foot tall gray granite pylons four each on the southern and northern sides onto which are inscribed the names, rank, organization and state of each of the deceased. Return to the soda machine, and pass it. Dead ahead, there's a table with a MULTITOOL and two

Maverick 6's profile

M.U.Os are Maverick's urban operations group. Who are soldiers trained specifically for urban combat and warfare, law enforcement, counter-terrorism, crowd control and non-lethal combat.

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